Kilbrannan Quiz

Just for your entertainment I have created this Children's TV and TV comedy quiz.
Try to answer as many as you can
Theres no prize it's only for fun.
I will publish the answers on a later date so stay tuned.
Good luck


Well done Jayne Banks

Answers in red

1. In which village would you find Sara, Pat and Julian Clifton? Greendale
2. Can you tell me the date of Basil and Sybil Fawlty's wedding anniversary. 17th April
3. What was the name of David Jason's character in 'sharp intake of breath'? Peter Barnes
4. Do you remember 'Only when I laugh'? These actors played the main patients but can you name their character names:
James Bolam Roy Figgis
Peter Bowles Archie Glover
Christopher Strauli Norman Binns
5. Name the Hoobs Iver, Groove, Tula, HubbaHubba, Roma
6. Which classic sitcom's first ever episode was called 'plough your own furrow'? The Good Life
7. Do you know the name of David Jason's character in Porridge? Blanco Webb
8. What's the name of the church in Walmington on sea? St. Aldhelms
9. We all remember The Magic Roundabout but do you know who actually operated the roundabout? Mr Rusty
10. Who is the arch enemy of Dangermouse? Baron Von Greenback
11. Who fights crimes with the aid of his manual 'The Hong Kong Kung Fu Book of Tricks'? Hong Kong Phooey
12. Brian Murphy and Yootha Joyce are better known as which classic couple? George and Mildred
13. Who always wanted to be a Yellowcoat and in which very funny comedy? Peggy from Hi-De-Hi
14. Name the yellow teletubby LaLa
15. In which comedy would you find rivalling neighbours and work collegues Eddie Booth and Bill Reynolds? Love thy Neighbour

Hope you enjoyed that quiz and hopefully it has brought back a few memories.

Please let me know what you think

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